While the alignment of sales and marketing sometimes seems an insurmountable goal, Ray Kemper, CMO of B-to-B lead-generation agency Televerde, finds joy in the challenges of bringing together the two teams. 

Over his career, Kemper has worked in a variety of roles and come to enjoy the flexibility that comes with his marketing career. He’s worked as the global director of marketing for Bing Search at Microsoft, senior director of channel marketing at AT&T Mobility and now is the first CMO at Televerde. “We’ve had directors of marketing and marketing activities, but as the company continues to grow and expand globally, the stronger establishment of the marketing functions at Televerde was critical,” he says. 

More than anything, Kemper touts the necessity of common goals between sales and marketing. It’s critical, he says, to agree to a common source of data, a common goal and a common language. Marketing News caught up with Kemper to learn a bit more about how sales and marketing can efficiently and effectively come together.


Q: You’ve been in the game for about 20 years. Have you seen the way sales and marketing work together change? Has your view of how they interact changed over time? 


A: It really has. The traditional silos are breaking down between sales and marketing. I think as so many marketing technology tools have come aboard, I’ve definitely seen a lot of change. … Marketing technology allows marketers to be much more focused on the impact and the results that their activities are having. The data and the analytics have led a really strong focus on alignment with sales based on what’s driving the quality sales leads and the ones in particular that are most likely to convert.


Q: You said in a blog post, citing research from Marketo, that aligned teams are 67% better at closing deals and 20% better at growth in annual revenue. This makes aspects like software integration and communication seem essential, but many marketing and sales departments still aren’t  in tune. Why?


A: Analytics has made that understanding of what the levers of growth are [stronger], so marketing is more focused on that now, but I think there are a lot of key issues in alignment. At Televerde, we conduct sales and marketing alignment workshops with our clients as part of our demand generation and sales acceleration solutions. Honestly, our success in contract renewals depends upon alignment with sales and marketing. If we are generating a sales pipeline with our teleservice sales development agencies and integrated campaigns, it’s only going to be successful if that sales person that catches it converts on that sale and shows that ROI.